2019 Events

Tropical Storm Barry (Active July 12th - July 15th)

Source: NOAA

Source: NOAA

 Hurricane Barry is a hurricane threat to the coast of Louisiana and eastern Texas. This storm is predicted to be a near category 1 hurricane with landfall averaging 10-20 inches across southern portions of Louisiana, with localized areas of 25 inches of rainfall.

Timetable: Hurricane Barry will make landfall between 11:00 PM Friday, July 12th and 3:00 AM Saturday, July 13th.

Activation Status: There will be an active event known as LA - Tropical Storm Barry for this event. The events MS - All Hurricanes and MS - All Events will also be activated to support the coastal Mississippi counties. As a reminder, please always contact the individual parishes/counties to understand their individual activation and/or tier status.

Applicable events for Hurricane Florence

  • LA - Tropical Storm Barry

  • LA - All Hurricanes

  • LA - All Events

  • MS - All Hurricanes

  • MS - All Events

Activation Note:

The ER-ITN Access Program will try to provide information as soon as possible regarding possible access and checkpoints. Please keep your placard with you when in transit as a precaution in case the information is not made available in a timely manner. As a reminder, certain parishes may opt to require additional restrictions on reentry, please be sure to check their individual resources as well.

Please visit our other resources for MEAP and LSCAP to understand how to get registered and receive access for this event.